89U641DB | 22.5 x 9.00


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ALCOA 89U641DB | 22.5″ x 9″ – Hub Pilot – 285.75mm Bolt Circle

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ALCOA 89U641DB | 22.5″ x 9″ – Hub Pilot – 285.75mm Bolt Circle

The latest in advanced innovation, manufacturing and engineering on the road. Featuring Alcoa’s proprietary MagnaForce® alloy and vHub Bore Technology, it is our lightest wheel in the market. Ideal for heavy-duty truck, trailer, and motorhome applications.

  • Polished Steer – Dura Bright 10/285.
  • Suitable for use an all American Trucks.
  • Steer Position
Product Part Number 89U64x
Wheel Size (in) 22.5″ x 9″
Mounting System Hub Pilot
Bolt Holes 10
Bolt Circle 285.75mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 26mm
Hub Bore 220.1mm
Approx. Weight (kgs) 25 kgs
Outset (mm) 176.276 mm
Inset (mm) 152.146 mm
Max Load (kgs) 4536 kgs
Max Cold Infl. (psi) 130 psi
Valve Stem TR554D

Key Features:

  • Proprietary MagnaForce® Alloy: This advanced alloy enhances strength and durability while reducing weight, making it Alcoa’s lightest wheel for heavy-duty use. It supports the use of all six aluminum wheels simultaneously.
  • Innovative vHub™ Bore Technology: The new vHub Bore Technology  reduces hub-to-wheel contact area by up to 64% versus other aluminium wheels on the market, leaving less surface area for corrosion to form.
  • Surface Treatment: Experience effortless maintenance with Dura-Bright® EVO Surface Treatment, which penetrates the aluminium to keep wheels bright and shiny through hundreds of washes and thousands of miles, eliminating the need for polishing.
  • Versatility: Ideal for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and motorhomes, these wheels are designed for steer, drive, and trailer positions in high-load scenarios.

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Additional information

Weight 18 kg

1 Wheel, 4 Wheels, Pallet 12 Wheels


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