Why Alcoa Wheels


The best solution for your business

Alcoa Wheels are a MUST. The perfect choice for your vehicles.

ALCOA® WHEELS are forged from one solid block of aluminium.

Every wheel starts as a single block of high-strength aluminium alloy.
Forging process step 1
With an 8 000 tons press, the block is forged into a wheel shape. Once forged, the wheels are heat-treated to maximize overall mechanical strengths.
Forging process step 2
Precision machining ensures that each wheel is perfectly round. This eliminates any runout in a turning wheel.
Forging process step 3
 The ventilation and mounting holes are drilled.
Forging process step 4
The last step is the finishing into “Brushed”, “LvL ONE®” or “Dura-Bright® EVO”. 
Forging process step 5
 The Howmet Aerospace forging process aligns the grain flow of aluminium with the shape of the wheel. This process results in wheels with unrivalled forged strength that withstand the most severe tests.
Forging process step 6
We are so confident in the durability and quality of our wheels, we give a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.
“Refer to warranty guide for more information” Here