Finish options for your applications.

Take pride in your ride.

Mirror Polish (Product number ends with 1, 2, 3)

The name says it all. So clear, it reflects like a mirror, so your business and your vehicle always look their best. And
no other wheel on the market shines brighter. We provide wheels in Mirror Polish from light trucks through Class 8
heavy trucks, and nearly everything in between.


  1. Part numbers ending in xxxxx1 are Mirror Polish outside only.
  2. Part numbers ending in xxxxx2 are Mirror Polish inside only.
  3. Part numbers ending in xxxxx3 are Mirror Polish both sides.

LvL ONE®  (Product number ends with 7)

LvL ONE® wheels are finished on both sides as applicable and provide a premium appearance with all of the value
and performance you’ve come to expect.

Our LvL ONE® finish gives you a near polished appearance that is six times brighter than ordinary brush
finished forged aluminum wheel in its class, reflecting the passion you have for your rig.


Part numbers ending in xxxxx7 are LvL ONE®.

Brush Finish (Product number ends with 0)

Our Brush Finish option combines a clean, satin appearance with the performance and value you’ve come to
expect. Our Brush Finish wheel is bright, non-reflective, and finished on the outset and inset surface.


Part numbers ending in xxxxx0 are Brush Finish, both sides as applicable.