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Our attitude is to always keep it rolling

Ultra ONE® ALCOA® WHEELS are our lightest and strongest wheels. They are made of the proprietary MagnaForce® alloy technology. This alloy is 17 percent stronger than the currently existing industry standard, allowing to create lighter wheels without compromising on their strength.

Designed to be a part of the family

Ultra ONE® ALCOA® WHEELS are available in Brushed, LvL ONE®, Dura-Bright® EVO, Dura-Flange® and Dura-Bright®/Dura-Flange® finishes.

Like all ALCOA® WHEELS Ultra ONE® offers:

  1. Excellent heat dissipation, enabling cooler running temperatures, extending brake and tyre life.
  2. Lower weight contributing to reduced CO2 emissions and less fuel consumption.

Find out more about available Ultra ONE® sizes here: