Wheel Registration Form

Wheel Registration Form

Dear Client,
We would like to inform you that taking in consideration the difficulties caused by COVID, our Fleet Service Center offers limited services: there will be delays in communication, shipping and handling of the warranties.
We kindly ask you to reach out our Center via email: In urgent case, please contact our Service Desk (+3622531841) from Monday to Friday: 8.00-16.30 CET.

Thank you for your support,
Your Alcoa® Wheels Fleet Service Team

The Fleet Service Center wheel return process is the following:

  1. Register your claim through the form below.
  2. The Fleet Service Center investigates your claim.
    Only for aesthetic (appearance) Dura-Bright® conditions we ask for pictures upfront to support the claim. Claims without pictures will not be investigated.
    ! No need to immediately demount and ship the wheel.
    1. In case your claim is validated for inspection we will inform you and DHL will pick-up the wheel free of charge.
      • Collection and inspection of the wheel at the centre in Hungary.
        • In case your claim is valid a new wheel will be sent to your attention free of charge.
        • In case your claim is not warrantable you will receive a warranty report.
    2. In case your claim is not validated for inspection we will inform you accordingly.

Step 1: General Wheel Information

Alcoa® Wheels are warranted for 5 years from the date of production. Wheels older than 5 years will not be accepted. To identify the date of production, check the roll stamp. The roll stamp date (MMDDYY) is a 6 digit number. The first 2 digits refer to the month, the following 2 to the day and the last 2 to the year. Attached example refers to a wheel produced on August 30, 2017.

Kindly ask you to please demount valves, valves for TPMS, TPMS sensors and other parts prior sending wheels to the FSC.

In case the claimed wheel is accepted under the HWS limited warranty a replacement wheel comes with a regular valve mounted.

roll stamp date
Verify Date

The production date of the wheel is older than 60 months, or your supplied date is invalid. Wheels older than 5 years will not be taken into consideration for investigation. Our apologies.

The part number is on the open side of the wheel, following "PART NO."
part number

Step 2: Condition of the Wheel

serial number

IMPORTANT: After completing the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a registration number. Please send 3-4 good quality pictures to and mention the registration number in the subject. Registrations without pictures will not be dealt with.

No need to immediately demount and ship the wheel. In case your claim is validated for inspection we will inform you and DHL will pick-up the wheel free of charge.

Step 3: Your Contact Details

Company Address Fleet

Contact Person


Fleet information

Collection and Delivery Address

Contact Person


Step 4: Review and Submit

Please do not send any other products (such as, but not limited to, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems or hub covers) in the packaging containing the wheel. If other products are sent to Howmet Aerospace with the wheel, Howmet Aerospace is not responsible for any loss of or damages to or arising out of such other products that you provide to Howmet Aerospace.

Submission Successful

Thank you! Your request has been submitted successfully.

Please review the information you submitted below. If you would like to submit the form for another wheel, please click "Step 1" in the tabs above.

General Wheel Information

What is the roll stamp date?:
Was the wheel involved in an accident?:
What is the part number of the wheel?:

Where is the wheel positioned?

Condition of the Wheel

What is the area of examination?: Aesthetic Dura-Bright® condition (appearance)

Your Contact Details

Company name fleet:

Company Address Fleet
    Address line 1:

Contact Person
    Mr. / Mrs.:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Email Address:
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Are the collection and delivery address the same as the company address above?: