Finish Option Alcoa Wheels

Finish Options


Brushed is a basic maintenance finish. Brushed ALCOA® WHEELS do not corrode and repainting is not necessary.

Part numbers ending in 0 refer to the Brushed finish.



More eye-catching solutions for customers

Howmet Aeropsapce’s advanced LvL ONE® finishing technology results in a brilliant finish with a smoother and glossier surface than Brushed.

LvL ONE® wheels require the usual procedure when it comes to maintenance. If a shiny surface is desired, polishing is needed. Nevertheless the wheel looks great and comes with the same advantages as the other finishes of ALCOA® WHEELS.

LvL ONE finish

Dura-Bright® EVO

Great looks, easy maintenance

ALCOA® WHEELS are available with proprietary Dura-Bright® EVO surface treatment. This treatment allows the wheels to look bright and shiny for years without polishing.

Maintenance is extremely easy thanks to the enhanced protection of the aluminium surface. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent or undiluted Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash will keep the wheels shiny, even after hundreds of washes and thousands of kilometres, reducing maintenance costs.

Part numbers ending in DB are Dura-Bright® treated. 

Dura-Bright EVO finish