TPMS Valve Selector

TPMS Valve Selector

Identify compatible valves for your Alcoa® wheels for suitable valve mounted tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) by Sensata Technologies Inc with below TPMS Valve Selector Tool. 

The listed valves can be purchased via authorized distributor for Alcoa® wheels, or ask your vehicle manufacturer.

The individual compatibility can vary based on the specifications of the vehicle, TPMS sensors and wheels.

Part Number Graphic

part numbers show only the first 5 digits

Note! GAXTPMS40 and GAXTPMS70 comes with fixation screw for Generation 1 sensors. GAXTPMS54 comes without fixation screw. Fixation screw for Generation 2 sensors must be obtained from your vehicle manufacturer or the sensor manufacturer. Fixation screws for Generation 1 and Generation 2 sensors are not interchangeable.

Generation 1

Generation 2

Refer to the vehicle manufacturer for installation or replacement of valves with tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) modules. For more information about replacing valves with TPMS modules, please consult the service manual for
Alcoa® wheels at section 5.e.iv. on page 24 and 5.e.v. on page 25.

This comparison may not reflect the most recent development and accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed. Howmet Aerospace reserves the right to change information in this comparison, including the technical characteristics and designs of Alcoa® Wheels.