Fuel Saving Calculation

Fuel Saving Calculation

Steel Wheels* vs. Alcoa® aluminum wheels**


Fuel Savings: 0.29l/100km (1.29%)
Constant Speed test runs (CST) with a heavy-duty semi-trailer combination, based on Annex VIII of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2400 and additional fuel consumption test results.

Image of truck with trailer

Test Vehicle: Long-Haul truck/trailer combination with aerodynamic components
Truck Steer22.5″ x 9.00″ Alcoa® Ultra ONE® wheels 
Truck Drive: 22.5″ x 9.00″ dual Al torque wheels Kistler RoaDyn P1HT
Trailer22.5″ x 11.75″ ET120 Alcoa® Ultra ONE® wheels

Alcoa® aluminium wheels were tested against two models of steel wheels used on the same test truck/trailer combination. Find steel wheel specifications in report section 4.2.1* and Alcoa® aluminium wheel specifications in report section 4.2.2**.

Calculate your estimated fuel saving opportunities. Estimates are based on the conditions detailed in test report [Download the full test report here]. Individual fuel savings will vary depending on specifications of vehicle and other parameters.

Annual fuel cost for above vehicles in €
Total fuel saving potential

This comparison may not reflect the most recent development and accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed. Howmet Aerospace reserves the right to change information in this comparison, including the technical characteristics and designs of ALCOA® WHEELS.