Special Application Alcoa Wheels

Special Applications

Low Deck Trailer Wheels

17.5”x6.00” wheel

Max load is 2500 kg
10 mounting holes
Weighs only 12.6 kg!

17.5”X6.75” wheel

Max load 3000 kg
10 mounting holes
Weighs only 13.7 kg!

Low deck trailer wheel 17.5 x 6.75

Wheels for Mega Trailers

19.5”x14.00” wheel, offset 120 mm

10 mounting holes
Lightest in class! Weighs only 21.6 kg!

19.5”x14.00” wheel, offset 0 mm

8 mounting holes
Howmet Aerospace exclusive!
Weighs 23.6 kg.

Wheels for mega trailers 19.5 x 14.00 offset 120 mm


Additional protection for an even longer service life

Dura-Flange® ALCOA® WHEELS have a proprietary treatment that provides a protective shield to reduce rim flange wear, giving them up to double the lifetime compared to other aluminium wheels under the same conditions.

Dura-Flange Alcoa felni
Road tested

Dura-Flange® ALCOA® WHEELS show no signs of rim flange wear after 386.000 km .

Dura-Flange® wheels are the most appropriate for transport where loads are heavy and prone to shifting, causing the tyre bead to rub against the wheel flange, such as:

  1. transport under extreme conditions, e.g. mining
  2. heavy hauling, e.g. logging
  3. tankers operating off road (e.g. local milk collection, fuel distribution)
  4. city bus
Rim Wear Protected

Dura-Flange® wheels are easily recognizable by the “Rim Wear Protected” sticker. Part numbers ending in DF are Dura-Flange® treated.

Dura-Flange matrica