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Leading brand of aluminium wheels


We advanced the transportation industry with the first forged aluminium wheel in 1948, and have been reinventing it ever since.

ALCOA® WHEELS is a brand and product of the Howmet Wheel Systems business unit, which is part of Howmet Aerospace Inc. (formerly known as Arconic Inc).  
In 2020, Arconic Inc. separated into two independent companies (Howmet Aerospace Inc. and Arconic Corporation). For the European markets, Howmet produces ALCOA® WHEELS in its manufacturing facility in Hungary.


First forged aluminium truck wheel invented. 
first forged aluminium truck wheel


First aluminium truck wheel introduced in Europe. 
first forged aluminium truck wheel Europe


European production facility in Hungary opens its doors.
Production facility Hungary 1997


Introduction of Dura-Flange® wheels for extra protection against rim flange wear.
Production facility Hungary 1997


The first sales of easy maintenance Dura-Bright® wheels in Europe. 
easy maintenance Dura-Bright wheels


Launch of the next generation Dura-Bright® EVO wheels in Europe. 
next generation Dura-Bright EVO wheels


Introduction of the LvL ONE® finish in Europe.
LvL ONE finish


Alcoa separates in two state of the art companies: Alcoa Corporation and Arconic Inc.  ALCOA® WHEELS becomes a product brand of Arconic manufactured by Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products.
Arconic logo


Introduction of Ultra ONE® ALCOA® WHEELS with MagnaForce® alloy technology in Europe.
ultra one


Arconic Inc. separates into two independent, publicly traded companies – Howmet Aerospace Inc. and Arconic Corporation. ALCOA® WHEELS becomes a product brand of Howmet Aerospace manufactured by Howmet Wheel Systems.
Howmet logo