Special Applications

Special Application Alcoa Wheels

WorkHorse® Wheels

WorkHorse wheel 22.5 x 9.00

Disc brake protection and increased wheel load
Designed without ventilation holes to protect the disc brakes from sand and gravel.
Mainly used on construction vehicles with disc brakes.
Available in wheel sizes: 22.5”x9.00 ” (4335 kg max. load) and 22.5”x11.75”, offset 120 mm.

Low Deck Trailer Wheels

Low deck trailer wheel 17.5 x 6.75
17.5”x6.00” wheel

Max load is 2500 kg
10 mounting holes
Weighs only 12.6 kg!

17.5”X6.75” wheel

Max load 3000 kg
10 mounting holes
Weighs only 13.7 kg!

Wheels for Inloader Trailers

Wheels for inloaders 22.5 x 11.75 offset 45 mm
22.5”x11.75” wheel, offset 45 mm

Specifically for the transportation of glass and construction elements.
Weighs only 25 kg!
Max load 5000 kg

Wheels for Mega Trailers

Wheels for mega trailers 19.5 x 14.00 offset 120 mm
19.5”x14.00” wheel, offset 120 mm

10 mounting holes
Lightest in class! Weighs only 21.6 kg!

19.5”x14.00” wheel, offset 0 mm

8 mounting holes
Howmet Aerospace exclusive!
Weighs 23.6 kg.