Dura-Bright® Wheels

What Happens on the Road, Stays on the Road.

Trucks running on patented Dura-Bright® Wheels don’t sit still for long. That’s because the durable, no polish, easy maintenance surface treatment puts them back on the road faster, making it easier than ever to have a great looking truck. Great looks made simple.


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New Technnology

Harsh Environments

Less Maintenance

Unmatched Protection

How To Clean

Drive. Rinse. Repeat.

Discover the easy maintenance way to bright, shiny wheels that stay that way. Because the Dura-Bright® Surface Treatment penetrates the aluminum, these wheels keep their shine, even after hundreds of washes and thousands of miles without polishing.

Cleans Easily With Soap And Water.

Eliminate the need for caustic cleaning products, further protect the environment and reduce maintenance to keep your wheels looking their best with a lot less effort saving you time and money.

Built-In Superiority.

Dura-Bright® surface treatment penetrates the aluminum, forming a molecular bond that becomes part of the wheel itself. That means it won’t crack, peel or corrode like coated wheels, looking newer for longer.