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Over time, we’ve learned the most commonly asked questions regarding Alcoa Wheels products. Below is our list of frequently asked questions along with answers.

Where can I purchase Alcoa® Wheels products?

We supply wheels and wheels accessories to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Consumers can purchase Alcoa® Wheels from our authorized wholesale distributors, retailers, truck dealers, trailer dealers, and tire dealers.

Where do I find product availability and price information?

We supply wheels to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Consumers can inquire pricing and availability of Alcoa® Wheels from our authorized wholesale distributors, retailers, truck dealers, trailer dealers, and tire dealers.

Where do I find Warranty information related to Alcoa® Wheels?

Our Warranty information can be found on Page 1 of our Alcoa Wheels Service Manual.

How do I file a Warranty claim?

If you think you have a warranty claim, please submit claim on line by filling out this form.

What are the different finishes on Alcoa® Wheels?

Our Advanced Finishes Are:

Brush Finish
Bright, non-reflective surface on both sides
Designated by 0 or 9 in the 6th digit of the part number

High Polish
Its reflective finish and high gloss levels give the wheel an appearance that redefines the standard in wheel finishes
Designated by 7 or 8 in the 6th digit of the part number

Mirror Polish
The premium wheel with highest level of gloss and reflectivity on the market
Designated by 1, 2, or 3 in the 6th digit of the part number

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Our Surface Treatments Are: 

Dura-Black – Designated by BLK at the end of the part number
Dura-Bright® – Designated by DB at the end of the part number
Dura-Flange® – Designated by DF at the end of the part number
Dura-Flange® with Dura-Bright® – Designated by DD at the end of the part number

How do I clean Alcoa® Dura-Bright® Wheels?

Our Dura-Bright® Wheels Cleaning Guide is available on our website in our product literature library.
See Alcoa Wheel Service Manual Section 3-17 Dura-Bright® surface treated wheels cleaning and maintenance.

How do I clean non Dura-Bright® Alcoa® Wheels?

Prior to applying cleaning products verify the wheel is at ambient temperature. Apply an approved aluminum wheel cleaner intended for aluminum wheels over the surface of the wheels, inside the hand holes, and around the stud holes. Agitate the cleaner with a soft-bristle (non-metallic) brush, periodically while applying water. Scrub the surfaces of the wheel including inside the hand holes and bolt holes. If the tire is removed scrub the wheel drop center with all-purpose cleaner and a stiff-bristle brush. Rinse wheel thoroughly with clean water. Repeat these steps if necessary. See TMC RP 267 Cleaning Wheels.

How do I polish Alcoa® Wheels?

For non Dura-Bright® wheels use a non-abrasive aluminum polish.  After you polish the wheel up to the way you want it to look like, apply a coat of car wax on to help seal up the polish.

Can I repair the finish on Dura-Bright® Wheels?

Alcoa Wheel Service Manual page 5, section 3-2 “Alcoa Wheels does not approve of any form of alteration to wheels except minor cosmetic buffing for appearance purpose.”
Alcoa Wheel Service Manual inside front page – Limited Warranty – (d) “Changing the original condition of the Wheel by alteration or by subjecting it to any processing” – voids the warranty.

Can I paint Alcoa® Wheels?

No. Alcoa® Wheels should not be painted or otherwise coated in any way that may interfere with the mounting surfaces. See Alcoa Wheel Service Manual section 3-2.

How do I order custom wheels or wheel blanks?

Our manufacturing process is such that we only ship and sell a finished product.  The wheel is an extremely engineered component and there is a lot behind it to meet the required safety guidelines. With that in mind, we do not make custom orders and we do not sell an unfinished product. Please see the bulletin regarding the modification and alteration of our wheels.

Where do I find a list of your complete product portfolio?

You can access the complete Alcoa® Wheels product portfolio here.
You can access the complete Alcoa® Wheels Accessories product portfolio here.

Where do I find the DOT stamp?

Alcoa® Wheels are identified with a stamp that shows the country of origin, wheel load rating, maximum inflation pressure, date of manufacture Month/Day/Year, part number, wheel description and DOT marking designation. Alcoa Wheel identification is usually located 180 degrees from the valve stem on the open side of the wheel. Wheel identification is required by the DOT must be legible. Wheels should be taken out of service if this identification is not legible and scrapped. See 3-12 Identification Section in Alcoa Wheels Service manual online version page 13.

What does the label on the wheel mean?

Historically our product labels included a combination of wheel technology and finish names.
Starting with 2020 production, the labels will designate finish names only.
The wheels are identified with one label that identifies the finish of the wheel: Brush Finish, High Polish, Mirror Polish, Dura-Bright. If the wheels have Dura-Flange treatment, an additional label with Dura-Flange is applied.
In addition, all wheels have the heat indicator label.

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How do I know what finish and surface treatment my wheel has?

You can find out by reading the part number on the roll stamp on the wheel. Alcoa® Wheel roll stamp is usually located 180 degrees from the valve stem on the open side of the wheel. Example part number ULT391DB. The 6th digit identifies the finish of the wheel. The 7th & 8th digit identifies the surface treatment of the wheel. This is a Mirror Polish Outside Only with Dura-Bright Surface Treatment. See question 5 to learn about the different finishes and surface treatments.

How do I become a supplier?

Complete this form only if you have been directed to do so by Howmet Aerospace.
The Supplier Worksheet is not for prospective suppliers. If you have not been asked by a representative of Howmet Aerospace to register as a new supplier, you will not be contacted.

How do I become a distributor of Alcoa® Wheels?

We are not looking to expand the distribution network right now. 
For your information, some criteria include buying a minimum quantity of 5,000 wheels a year and ordering in large quantities at a time.  We hope that you find the products you need through our current wholesale distribution network found here on our website.

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