Reinventing the Wheel

The history of Alcoa® Wheels is a story of constant innovation and advancement


The first multi-piece forged aluminum wheel is invented, ushering in a new era of high-performance wheels – Alcoa® Wheels was born.
First forged aluminum multi-piece wheel invented.


Alcoa® Wheels releases a new type of wheel made from forged aluminum that is designed for tubeless tires.
First forged aluminum tubeless wheel introduced.


The 6061 alloy becomes the industry standard, setting a new benchmark for quality and durability for the commercial wheel industry.
6061 alloy commercialized and becomes industry standard.


Alcoa® Wheels introduces the first forged aluminum wide-base wheel, which provides increased stability and load-carrying capacity.
First forged aluminum wide base wheel introduced.


Alcoa® Wheels unveils a new type of wheel featuring a hub pilot design, which offers superior strength and reliability.
First forged aluminum hub pilot wheel introduced.


The first 14-inch-wide base forged aluminum wheel has been introduced.
First 14" wide base forged aluminum wheel introduced.


Dura-Bright® Wheels is invented and patented, revolutionizing the wheel industry with its advanced surface treatment.
Dura-Bright® Wheels invented and patented.


Alcoa® Wheels introduces Dura-Flange®, a groundbreaking technology that virtually eliminates rim flange wear.
Dura-Flange® introduced to reduce or virtually eliminate rim flange wear.


Dura-Bright® with XBR Technology is introduced, providing even greater durability and corrosion resistance.
Dura-Bright® with XBR™ Technology introduced.


LvL ONE® Wheels is introduced, featuring a lightweight, bright, and strong design that sets a new standard for performance.
LvL ONE® Wheels introduced. Lighter. Brighter. Stronger.


A 14″ wide base wheel is reintroduced, offering less weight and more efficiency.
14" wide base wheel reintroduced. Even lighter.


Alcoa® Wheels announces the first new alloy in 45 years – the MagnaForce® alloy, which offers exceptional strength and durability.
Alcoa announces first new alloy in 45 years - the MagnaForce® alloy.


M-Series® fitments are announced for Medium Duty vehicles, expanding Alcoa® Wheels’ reach in the commercial trucking industry.
M-Series® fitments announced for Medium Duty vehicles.


Alcoa® Ultra ONE® Wheels with MagnaForce® alloy is introduced, setting a new standard for lightweight, high-performance wheels.
Alcoa Ultra ONE® Wheels with MagnaForce® alloy introduced.


LvL ONE® technology lowers the weight of the 14″ wide base and 9″ wheels, making them even more efficient and effective.
Lighter again. LvL ONE® technology


Third generation Dura-Bright® EVO is introduced, featuring advanced surface treatment that provides long-lasting shine and protection.
Dura-Bright® EVO introduced. A force EVOlved.


Alcoa® Wheels introduces M-Series® Medium Duty Wheels for Sprinter and Transit vehicles, expanding their offerings for commercial fleets.
M-Series® Medium Duty Wheels debut


Ultra ONE® Wheels with MagnaForce® alloy is available in a growing family of sizes, providing more options for truck and trailer manufacturers.
Ultra ONE® Wheels with MagnaForce® alloy


Alcoa® Dura-Black™ Wheels is introduced in Menacing Matte Black, offering a bold new look for commercial trucks and trailers.
Alcoa® Dura-Black™ Wheels


Introduction of the dual valve wheel system to reduce TPMS damage and support less maintenance with ATIS systems.
Image Of 84DV07 Hub Bore Technology By Alcoa Wheels


Ultra ONE® Wheels with Hub Bore Technology is now 39 lbs, showcasing Alcoa® Wheels’ commitment to continued innovation and excellence in wheel design.


Alcoa® Wheels has developed the ULT36, the world’s lightest and strongest heavy-duty truck wheel, which is also fuel-efficient. This wheel weighs only 36 lbs and has a load rating of 7400, making it the lightest 22.5×8.25 wheel available.


Introduction of Aerodynamic solution that minimizes drag and saves 1.35 gallons of fuel per 1000 miles savings by using Alcoa® Wheels Steer and Rear Aero cover system.


Alcoa® Wheels pushes boundaries further and makes the Lightest 14” Wide Base Wheel in the Industry. At just 49 lbs., three pounds lighter than their predecessors, these wheels are the lightest and strongest in the industry