Special Warranty Program for ULA18x

To provide the best support to our fleet and owner operator customers, Alcoa® Wheels is establishing the following Special Program for our 22.5” x 8.25” wheel part family ULA18xxx.

For each ULA18xxx wheel that is returned to Howmet and that shows an open-end rim flange condition, two wheels of the same or equivalent 22.5” x 8.25” part number will be sent as warranty return. This action is limited only to cases in which warranty requests are filed directly with Alcoa® Wheels in line with Procedures for Howmet Wheel-for-Wheel Warranty System and only for wheels with part family ULA18xxx that are exhibiting an open-end rim flange condition.

Warranty claims for any other Alcoa Wheels part family or for part family ULA18xxx with a different warranty condition are not eligible for this Special Program and will be treated in accordance with our Standard Limited Warranty Terms.

To submit a warranty request directly with Alcoa® Wheels, please click here or call at the number (800) 242-9898 and press “Option 1”, if you have additional questions.

Procedures for Howmet Wheel-for-Wheel Warranty System

1. Call 1-800-242-9898 and press “Option 1”. You will be transferred to our Warranty Department.

2. A representative will ask you the following questions:

  1. Dealer Code
  2. Part number of the wheel
  3. Date of manufacture
  4. Manufacture Country of origin
  5. Type of complaint (examples: bolt hole crack, hand hole crack, valve hole crack, bolt hole to hand hole crack, rim flange crack, etc.)
  6. Name and contact information for end-user/fleet
  7. Make, model and year of vehicle
  8. Wheel position on vehicle (Steer, Outer Dual, Inner Dual)

3. A return authorization number and shipping instructions will be given to you. Howmet requires a RGA number before shipping. Howmet will pay for the freight charges ONLY if the shipping instructions are followed. If shipping 4 or less, the wheel(s) MUST be put into a box with the RGA (Return Goods Authorization #) number on the outside of the box and returned to the Warranty Department for inspection of the specific type of complaint. The Warranty Department will determine if the wheel is warrantable.

Howmet C/O TDI
3340 Gilchrist Rd.
Mogadore, OH 44260

4. Once we receive the wheel via FedEx Ground (741013207), we get the claim number (RGA) that was assigned from the package or paperwork.

  1. 4 or less wheels FedEx Ground (741013207)
  2. 5 or more Old Dominion Freight Lines

3rd Party Billing Information:
Howmet (Mogadore)
c/o CT Logistics Team
P.O. Box 30382 Cleveland, OH 44130

5. Wheel is assigned a receiving number for traceability and the wheel is inspected.

6. With RGA sheet we confirm if the wheel and the customer’s information are correct and change any discrepancies on the sheet.

  1. We look for mode of failure, check P/N and date code and record all pertinent information (e.g., heat number, die code and manufacture country of origin.

7. All records are electronically stored.

8. We create order number to send the customer new wheel(s). With shipping label there will be an RGA attached to the box so the customer can track the claim.

*If the wheel(s) is warrantable, the Warranty Department will send a replacement wheel(s) back to the address given. Howmet will pay the associated freight and the replacement wheel(s) will be shipped. When a replacement wheel is not available, the Warranty Department will contact you about a substitute part or to discuss a time frame for shipping the requested replacement part number.

*If returned wheel(s) is found not to comply with Howmet Warranty Guidelines, Howmet will notify the customer and will scrap the wheel(s) unless customer wants the wheel(s) back and will pay for all freight incurred.

*This system is designed to have a replacement wheel(s) back to you within a two-week period, but this return window is not guaranteed. This requires the dealer to follow shipping instructions of the Warranty Department. An example of timeline:

1. Customer calls Warranty Department, is given shipping instructions, and ships wheel(s) via FedEx on Warranty Department’s FedEx account number or (billed 3rd party shipper).
2. Wheel(s) is received at Warranty Department (1-5 days later), inspected (0-1 day), and replacement wheel(s) is sent back (5-7 days shipping).
3. In most cases, this procedure would take 3 to 11 working days, using FedEx or third-party billing.

For Alcoa Wheels Limited Warranty. Click here.

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