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Choosing the right wheel starts with a clear advantage.

  • Industry best five-year limited warranty for additional peace of mind
  • One-piece forged aluminum strength that is 5x stronger than steel
  • Reduce maintenance and increase safety
  • Run cooler to extend tire and brake life

Advanced Finishes

mirror polish

Mirror Polish

  • The premium wheel with highest level of gloss and reflectivity on the market
  • Designated by 12, or 3 in part number
  • Part Number Example: ULA183
Brush Finish

High Polish

  • Its reflective finish and high gloss levels give the wheel an appearance that redefines the standard in wheel finishes
  • Designated by 7 or 8 in the part number
  • Formerly known as: Clean Buff, Standard LVL ONE® Bright or Level ONE
  • Part Number Example: ULA187
Brush Finish

Brush Finish

  • Bright, non-reflective surface on both sides
  • Designated by 0 or 9 in part number
  • Only offered with Dura-Bright® Surface treatment
  • Part Number Example: 886520DB

See How Alcoa® Wheels Advanced Finishes Stacks Up Against Our Competitors.


Competitor Standard

Competitor Standard

Competitor Best

Competitor Best

Alcoa Wheels High Polishh

Alcoa® Wheels High Polish

Alcoa Wheels Mirror Polish

Alcoa® Wheels Mirror Polish

Finish Quality Chart
Finish Quality Chart

Surface Treatments



  • Surface that cleans easily with soap and water without the need to polish
  • No cracking, peeling or corrosion
  • Designated by a DB after the finish option
  • Part Number Example: ULA181DB

Dura-Flange® Wear Protection

  • Rim-flange treatment that minimizes flange wear
  • Best for logging, tankers, city buses, motor coaches, or any application involving shifting loads
  • Designated by a DF after the finish option
  • Part Number Example: 885657DF
Dura-Bright with Dura-Flange

Dura-Bright® + Dura-Flange®

  • Both Dura-Bright® and Dura-Flange® on the same wheel for maximum protection
  • Designated by a DD after the finish option
  • Part Number Example: 885651DD


  • Same benefits of all lightweight Alcoa aluminum wheels, now in Menacing Matte Black
  • Designated by a BLK after the finish option
  • Part Number Example: ULA18BLK

What’s New

vhub bore technology

Productivity has reached a new level with the new vHub Bore Technology. The vHub Bore Technology reduces hub-to-wheel contact area by up to 64% versus other aluminum wheels on the market, leaving less surface area for corrosion to form.


Dual Valve Wheels

With Alcoa® Dual Valve wheels, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are more efficient than ever. With a second valve stem the TPMS sensor can operate on one valve while air pressure is serviced on the other.

Image Of 84DV07 Hub Bore Technology By Alcoa Wheels
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