The Dark Side: Dura-Black™ Offers Bold Styling Option with Benefits of Forged Aluminum Wheels

The Dark Side: Dura-Black™ Offers Bold Styling Option with Benefits of Forged Aluminum Wheels

Advanced Surface Treatment Makes a Personal Statement in a High-Performance Wheel

In the world of wheels for commercial trucks and trailers, color choices have typically been few and far between. The main options weren’t really color choices at all – brush finish, polish, or Dura-Bright®. The shiny look of a perfectly polished wheel has been the gold standard for the entire existence of aluminum wheels. It still is, but there’s also room for more options to achieve a different look or style.

In 2019, Alcoa® Wheels disrupted the wheel market by embracing the dark side with the introduction of a new aluminum wheel style that’s the exact opposite of the traditional polished look – matte black.

Dura-Black™ Wheels offer the lightweight and corrosion-resistance benefits of forged aluminum but in a menacing matte black. Because it’s a surface treatment and not paint over the surface of the metal, Dura-Black™ wheels won’t lose their color like steel wheels can with paint that chips or peels off. In another break with tradition, they also don’t need to be polished to stay looking their best.

The wheel line began with a sketch and a vision to enhance the wheel industry by giving truck owners a different, bold color option. Engineers, designers, and R&D experts collaborated to bring Dura-Black™ Wheels from concept to numerous iterations and rigorous testing and finally to reality.

A Solid Bond

To achieve this high level of durability and to fight corrosion even under harsh conditions, Dura-Black™ wheels undergo proprietary production processes to create a chemically bonded coating that contours to the surface of the wheel.

The Advantages of Aluminum

Alcoa® Dura-Black™ Wheels are made from forged aluminum, which is significantly lighter than steel while also being stronger and more resilient. The result is increased functionality with payload and fuel efficiency gains while increasing resale value over the life of the vehicle. Being lighter and more durable also means smoother rides and improved handling to maximize on-road performance.

Aluminum wheels are also naturally resistant to corrosion. Combined with a powder-coating surface treatment, Dura-Black™ Wheels are designed to deliver exceptional performance and stylish looks in the field regardless of the conditions they encounter. Finally, forged aluminum wheels dissipate heat better, which means they offer true, cool running that contributes to longer life for tires, brakes and suspensions.

Beyond the matte black surface, each wheel rim flange and mounting surface appears bright, and in contrast to the matte black face of the wheel. The bright rim flange provides increased protection during tire mounting and while in use out on the road. The bright disc face mounting surface provides protection when mounting and while in use on the rig.

Each Alcoa® Dura-Black™ Wheel is treated on both sides for flexibility of mounting in steer or drive position, which makes ordering and installation easier. Wheels are also supplied with high-quality, color-matched components, including a black valve stem, and a precision, laser-etched logo.

Easy to Clean with Soap and Water

Dura-Black™ Wheels clean easily with mild soap and water while eliminating the need for harsh cleaning products. They are maintained best with an off-the-shelf car wash, a mild (near neutral) detergent or a cleaning solution that has been diluted to a pH between 3 and 11.

The first cleaning step is to rinse the wheels thoroughly with water to remove any loose and visible dirt/debris followed by applying a cleaning solution with water and a mild detergent/soap/car wash using a spray applicator, a soft-bristled brush or soft sponge, and then finally a clean water rinse.

Dura-Black™ Sizes and Specifications

Alcoa® Dura-Black™ Wheels are available in popular sizes for heavy-duty tractor and trailer applications:

Wheel SizeWheel P/NSteer Hub CoverRear Hub Cover

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