19.5" x 7.5RW" - Hub Pilot - 275mm Bolt Circle

Bringing the best of big rig innovation to the medium duty aluminum wheels market. Ideal for Mack and Peterbilt vehicle applications, and Class B motorhomes.

Hub Bore Groove
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Specifications Measurement
Product Part Number 77349x
Wheel Size (in) 19.5" x 7.5RW"
Mounting System Hub Pilot
Bolt Holes 8
Bolt Circle 275mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 24mm
Hub Bore 221.1mm
Approx. Weight (lbs) 38 lbs
Outset (in) 6.1"
Inset (in) 5.27"
Max Load (lbs) 6610 lbs
Max Cold Infl. (psi) 130 psi
Valve Stem TR553C
Part Number Finish
773497 High Polish
Accessories and Mounting Hardware Part Number
Front Hub Cover
(Includes Nut Covers Where Applicable)
0821221 2 (33mm kit)
140233A (Stainless 33mm)
Rear Hub Cover
(Includes Nut Covers Where Applicable)
0821331 2 (33mm kit)
109176A (Stainless 33mm)
Nut Cover Only
(Not Intended to Secure Hub Covers)
Alcoa® Mounting Hardware Kits See OEM

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0 0 and 7 finish options are determined by inset or outset mounting positions and may not be finished on both sides. See chart for position and available finish options.
1Hub cover system kits with part numbers 076185 (front), 077185 (rear), 082122 (front), and 082133 (rear) contain screw-on Hug-A-Lug® nut covers and require a minimum of four (4) threads of the stud to extend above the tightened cap nut for use. Six (6) threads are recommended.
2082012 (30mm kit Front and Rear).
3OEM exclusive. Purchase through Peterbilt dealer only.
4OEM exclusive. Purchase through Kenworth dealer only.
5OEM exclusive. Purchase through Volvo dealer only.
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See Wheel Accessory Products Catalog for part number specific fitment information. Always perform a fitment check to ensure accessories are secure before operating vehicle.