We’re Talking Mounting Systems

Hub Pilot Mounting System

In the United States, wheels are primarily centered onto the hub through pilots. Pilots are the metal tabs (or spokes) that are radially and evenly spaced on the hub. The pilots make it easy for the mechanic to center the wheel on the hub every time. This configuration is what is referred to as the “hub pilot” mounting system.

Stud Pilot Mounting Systems

In some wheel applications, the hubs do not have pilots, and instead the mounting studs are the ones used for centering the wheel. In this configuration, since there are no pilots, the nuts have a special shape. They are used not only to secure the wheel onto the hub, but their special cone head or ball seat shape nests into a similar geometry on the wheel, allowing the wheel to center itself around the hub during the tightening process. This “stud pilot” configuration is used in automotive applications in many regions of the world, as well as some medium and heavy-duty applications in the U.S.


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