Alcoa<sup>®</sup> Forged Aluminum Wheels For Ford F-450/F-550 And RAM 4500/5500

Alcoa® Forged Aluminum Wheels For Ford F-450/F-550 And RAM 4500/5500

Alcoa® medium duty wheels bring the best of big rig innovation to the medium duty market. From light weight, strength, durability and eye-catching brightness, we offer a wheel for nearly every vehicle type and industry. Receiving numerous questions about wheels for medium duty applications, let us address the most common.

Do Alcoa® wheels come standard on a Ford F-450/F-550 or a RAM 4500/5500?

Alcoa® wheels for these applications are not a standard option at Ford or RAM today; however, it is available in the aftermarket.

Can you dual Alcoa® wheels on a Ford F-450/F-550 or a RAM 4500/5500?

Yes. You can install Alcoa® wheels on all positions. While the OEMs have not changed the hub configurations–stud length or the pilot hub length–our advancements in wheel technology and manufacturing allow our experts to make this possible. By decreasing the thickness of the hub, our team designed a wheel for a dual set up with no need to change the mounting hardware. You can have duals in the rear and singles in the steer. That’s six wheels for two axles.  Please refer to the Alcoa® Wheel Service Manual for proper wheel installation.

What are the exact wheel specifications for a Ford F-450/F-550 or a RAM 4500/5500?

Part Number 763297 – High Polish on both sides, for all positions. 
Part Number 763291 – Mirror Polish on the outside, for steer position.
Part Number 763292 – Mirror Polish on the inside, for drive position.
Part Number 763291DB – Mirror Polish on the outside for steer position, with Alcoa® Dura-Bright® surface treatment.
Part Number 763292DB – Mirror Polish on the inside for drive position, with Alcoa® Dura-Bright® surface treatment.

What are the benefits of switching from factory installed steel or cast aluminum to Alcoa® forged aluminum wheels for a Ford F-450/F-550 or a RAM 4500/5500?
  1. Lighter is better
    Proprietary metallurgical technology allows for lighter weight and optimum strength:
    • Meets or Exceeds OEM engineering requirements
    • Saves 156 lbs. when converting from steel to aluminum
    • More payload
    • Increases fuel economy
  2. Drive smarter
    • Runs cooler to increase brake and tire life & performance
    • Improves un-sprung weight, better ride and handling
    • Fits all six positions with no change to mounting hardware
    • Backed by a 5-year warranty
    • Higher resale value
  3. Less maintenance
    • Does not require painting
    • Saves time and money
    • No refinishing or refurbishing. Saves $30-$50 per wheel every upkeep
    • Eliminates reoccurring and time intensive maintenance
  4. Get stronger
    • Aluminum wheels are 5x stronger than steel
  5. Simple tire rotation
    • Easy when all six positions are aluminum; only for 7 (High Polish) finish
    • No need to dismount tires; only for 7 (High Polish) finish
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Other factors to consider when choosing Alcoa® wheels:
  1. Fabricated steel wheels
    • Always rust
    • Cause corrosion-related maintenance issues
    • Heavier wheels cause higher fuel cost and lower towing capacity
  2. Simulators
    • Add weight
    • Hide unknown maintenance issues, including corrosion
    • Retain heat (affect brake life and tire wear)
    • Cause imbalance issues
    • Greater tendency to fall off (safety and liability concerns)
    • Ongoing replacement cost of $195-$200 per simulator
  3. Alcoa® Dura-Bright® wheels
    • Alcoa® Dura-Bright® surface treatment penetrates the aluminum, forming a molecular bond that becomes part of the wheel itself. That means it won’t crack, peel or corrode like coated wheels, looking newer for longer.
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