Created Specifically for YOUR Reference, the Alcoa® Wheels Service Manual

Created Specifically for YOUR Reference, the Alcoa® Wheels Service Manual

Yes, it’s our mission to design, engineer and manufacture the most innovative, low maintenance and freight efficient forged aluminum wheels on the market, but it doesn’t just stop there. When you buy Alcoa® wheels, customers not only get the product, but also comprehensive service support.


We may be biased, but our warranty and field service teams are the best of the best. For almost 60 years, the team dedicates themselves to creating and, regularly updating, the well-known Service Manual for Alcoa® Wheels. This service manual is created for professionals and explains wheel service, including the mounting and demounting of ball seat and hub pilot mount wheels. It uses graphics, theme headings and subject labels to easily guide the reader through blocks of information. This structure allows wheel service personnel to quickly find the specific facts they need and skim over what they do not. Other important reference text in the service manual includes our five-year limited warranty and OSHA safety regulations on servicing wheels.

We asked our team of experts to offer some insight on what specifically is inside the Service Manual for Alcoa® Wheels:

  • Who is the Service Manual for Alcoa® Wheels intended for?
    Any tire mounter, technician or owner operator.
  • What is unique about this manual?
    It offers full guidance on wheels, as well as tires, nuts and studs. The Service Manual is a living document that is updated every five years. It can be found at to download and print the entire version or simply the pages needed. We ensure all the information is up to date with industry standards and aligns with Technical Maintenance Council’s (TMC) recommended practices (RP’s). It includes everything related to the care, maintenance and technical information of Alcoa® wheels. All warranty details can be accessed here, as well as specific information and photos on inspection and maintenance. In addition, it includes all OSHA Regulation (29 C.F.R. Section 1910.177).
  • When was the first known version of the Service Manual for Alcoa® Wheels published?
    March 10, 1965.
  • If you were to point them out to a customer, what would you consider to be “must-read” sections?
    Section 1 – Safety.
  • Is the manual available in a printed version?
    Yes. It is available to download and print at Printed copies can also be requested via our website using the Contact Us form.

For all Alcoa® wheel reference materials, maintenance, technical and warranty resources, visit our Knowledge Center on our recently updated website.