Businessman reading Alcoa Wheels newspaper article
Ausway Transport truck on Alcoa Wheels against a navy background

Ausway Transport’s Light, Bright Wheel of Choice

31st October 2022

Ausway Transport's trucks have been Kenworth and Volvo since day one, with Scania added into the mix more recently due to supply. Their refrigerated trailers come from FTE and tautliners are manufactured by Vawdrey. And when it comes to wheels, Alcoa Wheels is the number one choice...READ MORE
MIchelin Tyre Fitting for Alcoa Wheels - Michelin tyre being fitted to an Alcoa rim

Michelin Tyre Fitting for Alcoa Alloy Rims


20th October 2022

Truck and trailer rims and tyres in Australia have to withstand a lot, like uneven roads and potholes, so in order to maintain truck driver safety and to keep owner operator costs down the wheels need to roll reliably. Incorrect tyre fitting to alloy rims results in unsafe conditions...READ MORE
Robuk Engineering B-Double on Alcoa Wheels to increase payload capacity

Robuk and Alcoa Turning the Wheels to Increase Payloads

1st October 2022

When higher payloads equate to higher returns on each trip, it pays to choose weight saving options that don’t compromise on quality, wherever possible, right down to the wheels...READ MORE
Alcoa chrome look front and rear axle hub caps and wheel covers available in Australia

The Comprehensive Guide to Alcoa Wheels Hub Caps and Wheel Covers

23rd September 2022

Hub covers can protect the lug nuts and wheel surface from rust and corrosion and dust build-up, which means the essential parts of the wheel, like wheel studs and wheel hub, stay clean which makes it easier to remove the wheel for maintenance. Here's a guide to available Alcoa hub covers...READ MORE
Pink MGM Bulk super quad axle tipper road train on Alcoa Ultra ONE wheels

Over 10,000 Wheels On the Ground at MGM Bulk

30th August 2022

When you’re running some of the biggest quad road trains in the country, with a whopping 110 wheels under each set-up, you’d want to be sure that those wheels can go the distance.
And given the number of wheels sitting under many combinations in the MGM fleet, going for a lighter weight wheel can quickly add to the bottom line...READ MORE 
Close up of an Alcoa Dura-Bright wheel showing the label

The 3 Top Things to Do to Get the Best ROI From Your Dura-Bright® Wheels

8th August 2022

Alcoa Dura-Bright® wheels are best known for their slogan, NO MORE POLISHING, because they are designed to lower maintenance costs with a patented surface treatment that penetrates the aluminium of the wheel, forming a molecular bond that becomes an integral part of the wheel.
To get the best return on investment, we recommend regular cleaning to the Alcoa Wheels specifications, along with following our top 3 tips for prolonging the life of your Dura-Bright® wheels...READ MORE
Closeup of a J&F Transport red Kenworth truck with a Muscat logo in the background

Muscat Trailers, Alcoa® and J&F Transport Partner for Lightweighting Win

1st July 2022

It’s a partnership that spans 40 years or more, and that partnership is built on the shared values of quality, durability and reliability.
For over four decades, J&F have been commissioning trailer builds from Muscat Trailers, with Alcoa® as the wheel of choice...READ MORE
Closeup of an Alcoa Dura-Bright wheel with water droplets on it and flames showing through the handholes

How To Avoid Overheating Alcoa® Wheels and How to Check Them For Heat Damage

13th June 2022

Two of the most common questions we get asked about overheating wheels are: How to check a wheel that shows a black heat indicator, and how do you prevent overheating in the first place?...READ MORE
Close up of refuse truck showing an Alcoa wheel

JJ’s Waste Lead with Lowered Tare Mass for their Innovative Waste Management Technology Vehicles

1st June 2022

No strangers to innovation, JJ’s Waste & Recycling are known for leading the way when it comes to providing Total Waste Management Solutions across their extensive range of commercial and domestic services.
Their decision to switch their 1,800-strong fleet of waste management technology vehicles from steel to Alcoa wheels brought lowered tare rates, along with other benefits...READ MORE


Close up of a shiny Alcoa forged aluminium commercial wheel showing the blue Alcoa label

6 Things To Do To Extend the Life of Your Alcoa Wheels and Eliminate Unnecessary Replacements

22nd May 2022

Maximizing the life of a wheel’s original finish starts with regular washing and using mild detergents and soft bristled brushes, and there are also several other ways in which you can get the most out of your investment and avoid having to replace wheels prematurely...READ MORE
Orange hose spraying an Alcoa wheel with soapy water

How to Maintain That Alcoa Wheels Shine on Your Truck and Trailer Wheels

2nd APRIL 2022

Keeping your Alcoa wheels looking their best is not only important for your company image, but for maintaining a healthy bottom line.
Cleaning them on a regular basis will protect your investment and even extend their lifespan so you don't have to replace wheels prematurely...READ MORE
An Alcoa forged aluminium wheel in front of the bumper of an electric truck with the words

3 Important Ways Alcoa Wheels Is Helping Fleets Reach Their Zero Emissions Goals

15th MARCH 2022

With an increased demand for freight services comes an increase in CO2 emissions. Fleets and owner-operators are going to be facing pressure to work towards zero-emissions, and it makes sense for them to look at how their trailing equipment can impact the performance of  electric vehicles...READ MORE
Rusty steel truck wheels stacked on top of each other with an Alcoa forged aluminium wheel lying to the side.

4 Areas Alcoa Wheels Outshine Steel Wheels in for Top Fleet Image

1st FEBRUARY 2022

For many fleets, image is everything, because how good their equipment looks on the road is a direct reflection of the quality of their service.
We see fleets on steel wheels spending a lot of money on refurbishing their wheels because they are perceived as being more cost-effective due to the initial outlay being lower than for aluminium wheels, however over the lifetime of equipment we've found this isn't the case...READ MORE
Close up of an aluminium Alcoa wheel showing a rim flange wear gauge held against the rim flange

How to Keep Maintenance Costs Down by Catching Rim Flange Wear Early

30th NOVEMBER 2021

Excessive rim flange wear is one of fleets’ primary safety and maintenance concerns, as it’s one of the most common maintenance conditions experienced by a number of heavy hauling fleets across Australia.
The good news is that the costs can be managed rim flange wear is caught early...READ MORE
Red KS Easter Pty Ltd Prime Mover on Alcoa Wheels at their Brisbane yard.

How KS Easter's Maintain Their Shine to Stay Ahead of The Rest

15th NOVEMBER 2021

KS Easter is one of Australia’s most well-respected road transport businesses, providing time sensitive road transporting solutions.
Well-known, and envied, for their well-maintained fleet of some 120 prime movers and roughly 260 trailers, KS Easter's say Alcoa Dura-Bright® wheels contribute to helping make maintenance easier...READ MORE
Closeup of a highly reflective aluminium truck wheel Mirror Polished Alcoa Wheel closeup

Why Wheel Finish Matters (and How to Choose the Right Finish for Your Heavy-Duty Equipment)

28th OCTOBER 2021

The choice of finish for your aluminium wheels is determined by how heavy-duty your equipment’s needs are, and also whether your bottom line can benefit from lowered cleaning and maintenance costs and less wheel-offs.
Explore the available Alcoa Wheels Finish Options and how to maintain them...READ MORE
An FTE temperature-controlled semi-trailer combination on a farm road with rows of cabbage crops in the foreground

FTE is Paying Forward Durability, Reliability and Fuel Efficiency to Customers

1st OCTOBER 2021

With fuel efficiency being one of the hottest topics right now, and FTE’s equipment built to run efficiently, Alcoa wheels are an integral addition to the mix as they are relied on by companies like FTE to help their customers save more fuel, improve tyre performance, carry more load, and reduce maintenance costs.

The Alcoa wheels and FTE partnership goes back well over 25 years, with FTE becoming one of Alcoa’s earliest customers when aluminium wheels were first introduced to Australia...READ MORE
GGI image of wheel hub cut away showing Alcoa® vHub Bore Technology

The Top 3 Causes and Damaging Effects of Corrosion to Wheel-Ends (and The Bottom Line)

24th SEPTEMBER 2021

Corrosion on wheel-ends damages the quality and performance capabilities of heavy-duty equipment, and if left for too long it can put drivers and fellow motorists at risk. Fleets that are not corrosion prevention focused find that they see a premature end to their wheels and tyres, which means they spend a lot of money on replacements, severely impacting the bottom line...READ MORE
Dark blue Custom Denning Element Electric Bus on a grey gravel road with grassy surrounds

Custom Dunning Electric Bus on Alcoa® Wheels Approved by TfNSW Procurement Panel

16th SEPTEMBER, 2021

The Custom Denning Element Battery Electric Bus (BEB) has been recently fully approved on the Transport for (TfNSW) procurement panel in the Zero Emission Bus category, as the NSW Government executes plans to transition the state’s fleet of 8,000 buses to zero emission technology...READ MORE
White and red Corbet

Corbet’s Group Keep It Red, White and Dura-Bright®

3rd SEPTEMBER 2021

The choice to rely on Alcoa wheels for 15+ years, and to now standard spec Alcoa Dura-Bright® shows Andrew 'Aussie' Corbet and his team's pride in the upkeep of their modern fleet of over 120 prime movers and wide range of trailing equipment and their dedication to delivering top customer service.

According to Andrew, Dura-Bright wheels® add value to their fleet...READ MORE
Alcoa Wheel on FWR Pty Ltd low loader trailer

5 ½ Logical Reasons for Lightweighting with Alcoa® Wheels

15th AUGUST 2021

Wheels are often a ‘last thought’ when fleets and OEMs are thinking ‘lightweighting’, however the weight gains are significant enough for them to be a strong contender in the movement to reduce equipment weight – especially when factored into an overall business growth strategy.

We’ve unpacked the 5 ½ no-brainer reasons for lightweighting with Alcoa Wheels below. We’ve said 5 ½ reasons, tongue-in-cheek, because there are 5 clear pros and just 1 con … that can be turned into a pro, depending on how you look at it...READ MORE



Alcoa Wheel lying on a white painted steel truck wheel

4 Categories Aluminium Wheels Take the Prize Over Steel In For Lower Maintenance Costs

28th JULY 2021

The impact of choosing steel over aluminium on maintenance expenditure, such as cost of refurbishing wheels, repairing damage, and replacing tyres and brakes prematurely is an important consideration when assessing ROI over the lifetime of heavy-duty equipment.

Wheel-offs cost businesses in time that trucks are off the road and not hauling loads, they cost in repair shop charges, and they cost in employee wages that could be paid towards more productive income-generating endeavours....READ MORE
Close up of Alcoa Dura-Bright Wheel in shadow on Howmet blue background

How Alcoa® Wheel Technology and Innovation Is Forging the Future of Transport

7th JULY 2021

What do Alcoa Wheels have to do with electric vehicles or heavy-duty transport aerodynamics?

Read about what the future holds for the transport industry and how the lightest and strongest wheels in the market are helping fleets, OEMs and owner-operators to comply with fuel emission regulations and green gas house emissions standards while keeping a healthy bottom line...READ MORE
Close up of Alcoa Dura-Bright Wheel in shadow on Howmet blue background

6 Quantifiable Ways Alcoa® Wheels Make Financial Sense

22nd JUNE 2021

Cheaper isn't necessarily 'economical'. Fleets and owner-operators who are looking for more fuel savings and less maintenance are upgrading their Alcoa Wheels because they're the smartest investment in the long run.

Calculate the ROI for your business and decide for yourself...READ MORE
Alcoa Wheels on a Holmwood Highgate Bitumen Trailer with green detailing

6 Ways Alcoa® Wheels Contribute to Our Planet’s Sustainability

5th JUNE 2021

Switching one truck from steel wheels to forged aluminium wheels equals the carbon footprint of an average 4 person household.

Worldwide the percentage of road transport CO2 emissions contributed by heavy duty vehicles is expected to reach 41% globally by 2030...READ MORE
Three Alcoa Ultra ONE Wheels in a green forest at sunrise

8 Answers to Weighty Questions About The Lightest Wheel In The Market

28th MAY 2021

A statement like, 'The Lightest Wheel In The Market' is seldom taken lightly. It has generated curiosity and some great questions from Alcoa® Wheels customers and interested parties alike.

We've answered 8 of the most common questions we've been asked...READ MORE
Alcoa® Wheel with welding on mounting surface voiding the 5 year warranty

6 Things To Avoid Voiding Your Alcoa Wheels Warranty With

3rd MAY 2021

Did you know that even something as seemingly harmless as chroming your Alcoa® Wheels instantly voids the 5 year warranty?

Here are 6 things you need to avoid if you want your warranty to stand...READ MORE
Alcoa Ultra ONE Dura-Bright Wheel with technical design element

5 Things You Wouldn't Expect About Designing the Lightest and Strongest Aluminium Wheels 

15th APRIL 2021

A wheel is a wheel is a wheel, right? Actually, there's a lot that goes into making wheels. Here are 5 crucial factors taken into account before an Alcoa Wheel is released into the market...READ MORE
Alcoa Hub-piloted Wheel next to correct torqueing procedure factsheet

Is Torqueing Just All Talk or All Important?

1st APRIL 2021

The importance of proper wheel torque sequence is often underestimated, when it is in fact critical for installation and to ensure safety on the road. Using the correct tools, procedures and patterns prevents cracking of the wheel and damage to fastener threads or stretching of the studs, which all affect the overall performance of the wheel...READ MORE
Alcoa Wheel flange showing a non-activated and an activated heat indicator

3 Tell-tale Warning Signs Your Wheels Are Feeling the Heat

15th MARCH 2021

As tyres age, the heat generated from road friction causes them to become brittle. Rubber can crack, split or leak, regardless of how much tread is on the tyre.

When it comes to the wheel, significant events such as excessive heat from fire, brake malfunction, wheel bearing failure and other sources can weaken the metal, causing the tyre/wheel assembly to explode...READ MORE
Road train of side tipping trailers with Alcoa Ultra ONE wheels

Tipping in Favour of Bigger Payloads With Lighter Wheels

5th MARCH 2021

When the Fenix Newhaul JV undertook to move 1.3 million tonnes per annum of high-grade ore from their Iron Ridge project to the Geraldton port, they needed reliable and durable equipment for the project.

Bruce Rock Engineering is building them a fleet of PBS approved side tipping quad axle triple road trains with the new Alcoa Ultra ONE® wheel – all 94 of them per road train!...READ MORE
Alcoa Ultra ONE wheel on the road at yellow sunrise against a blue sky

The Wheel That Became World Lightweight Champion

1st MARCH 2021

Weighing in at just 18kg, the new Ultra ONE® wheel from Alcoa Wheels has been heralded the New Lightweight Champion in the world of commercial vehicle wheels.

This is the story of how the 'not just another aluminium wheel' is helping fleet and trailer owners shed kilos for increased payload and fuel efficiency as the world's lightest heavy-duty truck and trailer wheel...READ MORE
Alcoa Ultra ONE Wheel with magnifying glass inspecting authenticity

The 5 Things Your Wheel Absolutely Must Show to Prove It's Authentic

22nd FEBRUARY 2021

When shopping around for new or replacement aluminium wheels for trucks, trailers or buses you want to know that you’re getting quality, not just the cheapest price.

Not every wheel is created equal, and in the long run a cheaper wheel may not end up going the distance when it comes to increasing payload capacity and lowering maintenance over the lifetime of your truck or trailer...READ MORE