In the grand symphony of trailer design, wheels often take a backseat as mere aesthetic accessory. Nonetheless, it’s time to shift our focus and acknowledge the pivotal role that wheels play in the overall performance of your freight trailer and why choosing Alcoa Wheels is the best choice.

These seemingly unassuming components have a direct impact on your trailer’s performance. From influencing how your trailer responds to steering inputs to determining the precision of your turns, acceleration, and braking – wheels are the silent architects of your driving experience.

Wheels aren’t just eye-catching circles; instead, they are the sole connection between your vehicle and the road. Serving as the literal foundation of mobility, they bear the weight of your ride, propelling it forward and facilitating smooth stops when necessary. Wheels condition directly affects your trailers’ performance, efficiency, and safety.

Imagine wheels as the unsung heroes providing unwavering support to your vehicle’s load, including the payload it carries. Understanding their unique features allows us to appreciate the crucial role they play in ensuring a safe and efficient driving experience

Next time you admire a trailer, spare a thought for those humble circles beneath it. Wheels are not just about looks – they are the dynamic force that keeps you rolling smoothly on the road.


Deliver more product in fewer loads to decrease fuel costs and maximize payload.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Engineered to promote preventative maintenance and designed with innovative technology that reduces care and upkeep needs.


Alcoa Aluminium Wheels Improve the business bottom line. 75 percent return on initial wheel cost.


Feel confident on the road knowing your rig is rolling with the industry best looking wheels.


Reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and hazardous chemicals. make greater fuel economy and battery life.

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Lightweight Solutions

Truck wheels solutions

Light weighting aluminum wheels is our passion.

We know a lighter wheel leads to greater productivity through increased payload, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced sustainability.


advanced surface treatment

Dura-Bright Wheels Solutions

Dura Bright Alcoa Wheel

What Happens on the Road, Stays on the Road

Dura-Bright® Surface Treatment penetrates the aluminum, these truck wheels keep their shine, even after hundreds of washes and without polishing.

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Switching your trailer from steel to forged aluminium wheels equals the carbon footprint of an average  4 person household.


Explore the diverse features of Alcoa® wheels in various shapes and sizes. Our blog breaks down key elements like bore, bolt holes, hand holes, disk face, bead seat, rim width, and more. Uncover the crucial details that impact aesthetics, robustness, and tire performance. Don’t miss insights on valve stems and the innovative dual valve system for tire pressure monitoring. Dive into the world of Alcoa® wheels for a comprehensive understanding!

Two Alcoa MagnaForce® alloy aluminium billets lying side by side

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