Introducing Alcoa Ultra One® – our wheel family that redefines standards in both weight and strength. Crafted from the exclusive MagnaForce® alloy, this proprietary material boasts a remarkable 17 percent increase in strength compared to the current industry standard. This innovation allows us to engineer lighter wheels without compromising on durability.

Alcoa Ultra One® is available in various finishes including Brushed, LvL ONE®, Dura-Bright® EVO and Dura-Flange®.

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Experience the excellence of Alcoa Ultra One® – where lightweight meets unmatched strength.

  • Alcoa Ultra One® with MagnaForce alloy are the lightest, strongest portfolio of aluminum wheels  in the industry
  • Superior heat dissipation for cooler running temperatures, ultimately extending the lifespan of brakes and tires.
  • Reduced weight, contributing to lower CO2 emissions and decreased fuel consumption.
  •  5x stronger than steel.

Alcoa Ultra ONE® Wheels


Innovative new wheel design made with no hand holes and our proprietary MagnaForce®alloy. Our lightest and strongest wheel in the industry at 16 kg saves up to 2.1L of fuel per 1000 km when converting from steel on all positions.


Alcoa Ultra ONE® Wheels


When in comes to manufacturing wheels, it all starts with the alloy. We created our proprietary MagnaForce® alloy, the first new alloy in 45 years. 17% stronger than the industry standard results in lighter aluminium wheel innovations that remain tough.