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Alcoa Wheels

There’s no denying they look good, but the benefits of our wheels go well beyond the beauty.

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Improve productivity. Lower lifetime costs.

Lower vehicle weight increases productivity and fuel economy. That, plus less maintenance and higher resale value combine to improve your bottom line.

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Enhance image. Benefit from confidence.

Alcoa wheels get noticed. Eye-catching appeal improves the perception of your rig and company. That backed by global resources, service and support programs creates an experience that is second to none.

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Meet sustainability goals.

Lighter weight aluminium wheels allow for increased payloads or improved fuel efficiency. Reduced trips or using less fuel means reduced CO2. Plus, it’s recyclable. In fact, 73% of all aluminium produced since 1888 is still in use today.

The reinvention of the wheel

The best keep getting better.

We first innovated the transportation industry with the forged aluminium wheel in 1948, and have been reinventing it ever since.


First forged aluminium multi-piece wheel invented.
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First forged aluminium tubeless wheel introduced.
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6061 alloy commercialized and becomes industry standard.
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First forged aluminium wide base wheel introduced.
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First forged aluminium hub pilot wheel introduced.
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First 14″ wide base forged aluminium wheel introduced.
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Dura-Bright® Wheels invented and patented.
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Dura-Flange® introduced to reduce or virtually eliminate rim flange wear.
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Dura-Bright® with XBR Technology introduced.
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LvL ONE® Wheels introduced. Lighter. Brighter. Stronger.
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CalcuLighter launched. Online tool easily determines ROI.
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Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Silver Level.
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14″ wide base wheel reintroduced. Even lighter.
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Alcoa announces first new alloy in 45 years – the MagnaForce® alloy.
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M-Series® fitments announced for Medium Duty vehicles.
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Alcoa Ultra ONE® Wheels with MagnaForce® alloy introduced.
The lightest wheel in its class.
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Lighter again. LvL ONE® technology
lowers weight of 14″ wide base and 9″ wheels.
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Alcoa Wheels Truck Run game app launched.

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Third generation
Dura-Bright® EVO introduced. A force EVOlved.
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M-Series® Medium Duty Wheels debut
for Sprinter and Transit vehicles.
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Ultra ONE® Wheels with MagnaForce® alloy
available in a growing family of sizes.
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