Alcoa LvL ONE® Wheels

Alcoa LvL ONE® Wheels utilize proven technology  and production process that optimizes the wheel surface to produce a finish that is bright.  In fact, it’s six times brighter than ordinary machine finished wheels.
• Entry level wheel finish.
• Provides the value and performance you’ve come to expect. Available in most applications, including 19.5″, 22.5’’, and 14” Wide Base.

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LvL ONE® wheels require the usual procedure when it comes to maintenance. If a shiny surface is desired, polishing is needed. Nevertheless the wheel looks great and comes with the same advantages as the other finishes of ALCOA® WHEELS.


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Competitor Standard

Competitor Standard

Competitor Best

Competitor Best

Alcoa Wheels LvL ONE<sup>®</sup>h

Alcoa® Wheels LvL ONE®

Alcoa Wheels Mirror Polish

Alcoa® Wheels Mirror Polish


Spec Dura-Bright® Wheels for the easiest-to-clean wheels ever.

Dura-Bright® surface treatment penetrates the aluminium, forming a molecular bond that becomes part of the wheel itself. That means it won’t crack, peel or corrode like coated wheels, looking newer for longer.


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