Alcoa Wheels Rim Flange Wear Gauge sitting on a wheel flange

Rim Flange Maintenance

Catch rim flange wear early and save thousands on unnecessary wheel-offs and tyre replacements.

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rim flange wear gauge

What is Rim Flange Wear and how does it cause wheel problems?

When abrasive material gathered from the road rubs between the flange of the wheel and tyre, we get what’s known as rim flange wear.  It occurs most often in applications with heavy or shifting loads. It can also be caused by tyres being underinflated and/or overloaded. 

The flange of the wheel is the critical design element that helps to keep the tyre airtight against the wheel and prevents the tyre from falling off. It’s crucial to maintain this surface during regular tyre changes for maximum safety – and to reduce costs.

Without proper maintenance, flange wear can cause premature wear of tyres and therefore unnecessary and costly replacements. 

It’s a lot easier to keep lifetime operating and fuel costs down – and even keep commercial vehicle wheels looking their best – when wheel maintenance is at the top of the list!


rim flange wear step by step

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rim flange wear gauge