Focus on quality has aligned Sloanebuilt and Alcoa Wheels for years

Focus on quality has aligned Sloanebuilt and Alcoa Wheels for years

In the world of heavy vehicle manufacturing, where reliability, durability, and safety are non-negotiable, the importance of quality components cannot be overstated. Among these crucial components, wheels stand out as the foundation upon which the entire vehicle rests. Recognizing this, industry leaders like Sloanebuilt and Alcoa Wheels have forged a partnership rooted in a shared commitment to excellence.

Driving Excellence: The Enduring Partnership Between Sloanebuilt and Alcoa Wheels

At the heart of this partnership lies a dedication to quality that has endured for years. Sloanebuilt, a reputable name in heavy vehicle manufacturing, understands that every aspect of a vehicle must meet the highest standards to ensure performance, safety, and customer satisfaction. Alcoa Wheels, renowned for its superior wheel solutions, shares this ethos wholeheartedly. Together, they exemplify how a focus on quality can drive success and foster enduring relationships built on trust.

Sloanebuilt’s journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as a powerhouse in the tipper market is a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Sloanebuilt, renowned for premium trailer bodies, blends community service, a top-notch facility, and longevity, ensuring superior performance. Hannah Elborough, Sloanebuilt’s executive marketing representative, said:

Our market differentiation results from our quality consciousness, passion to make a difference and responsiveness to the needs of our local market, customers, and suppliers. This adaptability and customer-centric approach have been instrumental in our growth and sustainability.”

Hannah Elborough, Sloanebuilt’s executive marketing representative

At its core success lies partnership with Alcoa® Wheels, a trusted ally for global heavy vehicle manufacturers.

Sloanebuilt’s Trailblazing Production and Enduring Partnership with Alcoa® Wheels

Sloanebuilt builds approximately 350 trailers per year. In 2023 specifically, they had a productive year, constructing a total of 392 trailers, including rigid bodies and trailers. They hold the majority of the market share in the tipper segment, showcasing their expertise in this area.

At the heart of Sloanebuilt’s success lies its dedication to excellence in its operations. From its robust manufacturing processes to its customer-centric approach, Sloanebuilt strives to exceed expectations. Central to this commitment is its longstanding partnership with Alcoa® Wheels.

The alignment of Sloanebuilt and Alcoa Wheels goes beyond mere business transactions; it is a testament to a shared vision for the future of heavy vehicle manufacturing. Alcoa Wheels prioritizes quality, ensuring Sloanebuilt and customers rely on durable, long-lasting wheels for peace of mind.

Alcoa® Wheels, a global leader renowned for its innovative products and exceptional customer support, perfectly complements Sloanebuilt’s ethos.

“The partnership between Sloanebuilt and Alcoa® Wheels is not just about products; it’s about shared values and a mutual commitment to excellence”,

Remarked Hannah Elborough.

Sloanebuilt and Alcoa Wheels embody integrity and excellence in a fast-paced world where individuals cut corners for short-term gains. It reminds us that quality cannot be compromised when ensuring safety and performance on the road.

As we envision heavy vehicle manufacturing’s future, let’s recall Sloanebuilt and Alcoa Wheels’ guiding lessons. Prioritize quality above all; it’s not just our responsibility to customers but a commitment to road safety.

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