Future-Proofing Wheels: How Dura-Bright Leads the Way in 2024

Future-Proofing Wheels: How Dura-Bright Leads the Way in 2024

As your trucks travel the challenging terrain of Australia’s highways and regional roads, they deal with a constant onslaught of corrosive elements. Whether it’s the harsh road conditions or the acidic residues from truck washes, these elements always risk your fleet’s wheels. 

Enter Dura-Bright® Surface Treatment—a game-changing solution engineered by the visionaries at Alcoa® Wheels. Unlike conventional coatings, Dura-Bright® seamlessly bonds with the aluminium substrate, forming a molecular union that transcends the limitations of traditional methods. This integration provides unparalleled protection, preserving the wheel’s shine and integrity with minimal maintenance. This means less time and money spent on cleaning products, putting your truck back on the road faster. 

Dura-Bright® Surface Treatment, integrated into the wheel, ensures durability and resilience despite tough road conditions. Its molecular bond thwarts corrosion, safeguarding aesthetics and performance alike.

Alcoa Wheel Dura-Bright® provide fleets a reliable solution to maintain wheel quality and performance. 

Beyond Coatings: The Science Behind Dura-Bright® 

Dura-Bright® Surface Treatment is a breakthrough in wheel protection. It boasts low surface tension that repels water, dirt, and chemicals. This innovative technology creates a barrier aroundthe wheel, preventing corrosion and maintaining a lustrous appearance regardless of road conditions. 

Water droplet tests demonstrate Dura-Bright® effectiveness. Droplets roll off quickly, leaving no residue behind—a stark contrast to painted steel wheels, where water tends to puddle and dirt clings. 

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Streamlined Maintenance: Cleaning Made Simple 

Thanks to its penetrative production process, Dura-Bright® ensures wheels retain their shine even after countless washes. Cleaning is a breeze with mild soap and water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and reducing maintenance costs and downtime. See our cleaning guide

How to Specify Dura-Bright® Surface Treatment 

Product specification begins with answering basic questions, such as the number of bolt holes, bolt circle diameter, hub bore, wheel sizes, and more. After those questions are answered, additional options – like the Dura-Bright® Surface Treatment – can be chosen.
When considering the purchase of a dura bright wheel, it is imperative to verify that the part number concludes with ‘DB’. This suffix is crucial, as it signifies the Dura Bright variant of the wheel. In the specifications guide, ‘DB’ is the abbreviation for Dura Bright, which distinguishes it from other wheel options. Therefore, confirming the presence of ‘DB’ at the end of the part number is paramount to ensure you acquire the desired Dura Bright wheel.

Dura Bright Wheels
Dura Bright Wheels

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