ISO Certified for Michelin Tyre Fitting for Alcoa Alloy Rims

ISO Certified for Michelin Tyre Fitting for Alcoa Alloy Rims

Truck and trailer rims and tyres in Australia have to withstand a lot, like uneven roads and potholes, so in order to maintain truck driver safety and to keep owner operator costs down the wheels need to roll reliably.


Alcoa Wheels is ISO certified for tyre fitting onto our truck and trailer rims, so that owner operators and trailer OEMs don’t need to worry about getting that step right. They can then have the ease of securing the entire wheel (tyre and rim) to the truck or trailer without hassle.

Our trailer OEM customers are able to order Alcoa wheels and tyres at the same time. The tyres are delivered to our warehouses in Melbourne and Brisbane and we fit them onto the wheels before shipping them.

Our relationship with Michelin tyres goes back 20 years, when we became the exclusive Michelin OEM fitment agent for Alcoa® alloy truck rims in Australia.

If tyres are mounted incorrectly, they can cause both static and dynamic imbalances that can’t be corrected by a simple wheel balancing, so at Alcoa Wheels we recommend having tyres fitted to our truck and trailer rims by our specialist team, who are trained in the use of tyre changing machinery.

  1. The tyre fitting employee first coats the bead seating surfaces of the rim and tyre bead with a non-water based rubber lubricant to make pulling on the tyre easier. 
  2. The rim is clamped onto the mounting machine and the mounting arm is used to position the lower tyre flank on the rim’s upper edge.
  3. The mounting machine is made to rotate so that the tyre is pulled onto the rim.
  4. The process is repeated for the upper tyre bead. This step ensures the tyre will be firmly seated further into the process.
  5. The tyre is filled with air so that the tyre beads press against the rim, allowing no air to escape, and the tyre is checked for undulations in the sidewall.
  6. The tyre fitting employee then fully inflates the tyre to the stipulated tyre pressure and shuts the tyre valve.


After the tyre has been fitted, bead areas are checked for uniformity so that we know the tyre is fitted correctly to ensure the tyre runs smoothly and safely.

Our trained and experienced fitters will fit tyres to your Alcoa wheels at the time of purchase, ensuring a high level of attention to detail while meeting and adhering to industry standards.


Howmet Wheel Systems Australia, the distributor for Alcoa Wheels in Australia, has ISO9001-15 Quality Management Systems certification, which means our fitters are kept up to date with the latest standards in the industry and we can guarantee the highest quality, consistency and safety in our work.

Our Brisbane operation is ISO14001-15 certified as well.

To be certified by the ISO (International Standards Organization) means we have been audited by an independent 3rd party, and that we have demonstrated that our business conforms to the requirements of the latest quality process standards set by the ISO. 

If you would like to know more about our tyre fitting service, call us on phone-icon 1800 955 181 – our wheel specialists have all the information you need.

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