Partnering for Lightweighting Win

Partnering for Lightweighting Win

It’s a partnership that spans 40 years or more, and that partnership is built on the shared values of quality, durability and reliability.

For over four decades, J&F have been commissioning trailer builds from Muscat Trailers, with Alcoa® as the wheel of choice.

This was the case with their latest slider and chassis tip wedge trailer they commissioned.

Designed and built out of the lightest componentry, the key objective of this combination was to ensure complete utilisation of the equipment and versatility in such a very unpredictable market.

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Previously, the market would be such where a driver/company would deliver specific commodities, whether it be grain, rock or even steel. Over time, things have changed and the structure of businesses who have lasted the mile have had to become versatile to survive and thrive, thus altering the requirements of their trailers to accommodate the competitive and changing industry.

J&F Transport has done exactly that.

While lightweighting is not new, with many transport companies recognising the payload gains and fuel efficiency benefits, it has become a hot topic in the transport industry in recent years as things turn to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

More and more lightweighting components are becoming available for trucks and trailing equipment in areas such as the powertrain, axles and suspensions, wheel ends, drive shaft, chassis, 5th wheel, right down to the wheels.

IMAGE CREDIT: Inlights Photography

“We went with the Ultra ONE® wheel on this combination because we wanted the most lightweight wheel option available, along with the strength and durability Alcoa guarantees,” says Troy Azzopardi, CEO of Muscat Trailers.

The Alcoa Ultra ONE® wheel is the lightest in the range of 22.5” x 8.25” Alcoa wheels. Weighing in at just 18kg, a 22-wheeler combination gains an extra 110kg when compared to specifying a standard aluminium 23kg wheel.

Over the lifetime of the equipment, this can add tens of thousands in payload dollars and save thousands on fuel costs.

Switching from steel wheels to Alcoa Ultra ONE® wheels saves upwards of 330kg in weight on a 22-wheeler combination.

Muscat Trailers has built a solid reputation in the trailer manufacturing industry. Their equipment is built to last the test of time and an extensive repeat customer portfolio is a testament to this.

Muscat Trailers dates back to the 1960’s with the company improving its designs and manufacturing techniques year by year, and in the process becoming well known for producing some of the most durable and innovative trailers available in Australia.

Today, run by Troy Azzopardi and his team, Muscat Trailers has kept its reputation for being unpretentious and modest, keeping costs down and making the trailers strong and reliable to meet customer needs whilst continually seeking the opportunity for innovation and exciting new developments.

“Every trailer we build has its own story and no two trailers are the same,” says Troy. “Each trailer is designed to do its job properly, so if it means coming up with a completely new design, then that’s what we provide.”

Take a listen to the Behind the Wheels Podcast where the Alcoa wheels experts talk about lightweighting with Mike Roeth of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE):

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