The 5 Things Your Wheel Absolutely Must Show to Prove Its Authenticity

The 5 Things Your Wheel Absolutely Must Show to Prove Its Authenticity

When shopping around for new or replacement aluminium wheels for trucks, trailers or buses you want to know that you’re getting quality, not just the cheapest price. 

Not every wheel is created equal, and in the long run a cheaper wheel may not end up going the distance when it comes to increasing payload capacity and lowering maintenance time and costs over the lifetime of your truck or trailer. 

Alcoa Wheels will always give you the same premium quality stamp of approval — literally. 

The integrity of Alcoa Wheels is stamped into every wheel in the roll stamp of authenticity. Knowing your product specifications, as well as the place and date of manufacturing is essential information that sets quality wheels apart from the rest.

Text showing the breakdown of the Alcoa Wheels Roll Stamp

If you want peace of mind that your wheel will withstand the tough and rugged environment that heavy duty vehicles endure … then make sure it’s an Alcoa wheel.

Alcoa Wheels, manufactured and distributed by Howmet Wheel Systems, are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to uphold the company’s dedication to lowering operating costs for truck and trailer fleet owners by engineering wheels that are lighter, stronger and more durable than others available at a lower price.

In other words, we take our stamp of authenticity very seriously. 

Text showing the breakdown of the Alcoa Wheels Roll Stamp
The 5 Things to Look For On A Quality Aluminium Wheel Roll Stamp

You can always rely on the roll stamp to display the 5 most essential information pieces necessary to know what you’re buying.

  1. Where the wheel is made. All Alcoa wheels are manufactured in the U.S, Hungry or Mexico under stringent manufactured guidelines – trusted since 1948. Quality control checks are conducted on each and every batch release.
  2. Date of manufacture. The manufacturing date allows you to track and monitor the 5-year product warranty that comes with every Alcoa wheel.
  3. Load rating information is critical for driver and passenger safety, as well as wheel/tyre longevity.
  4. Part numbers are important when ordering, re-ordering or matching existing wheels – it ensures you get the right wheel for your equipment.
  5. Size of wheel guards against installing incorrect wheel sizes. Alcoa’s strict quality control measures safeguards against size difference. The Alcoa Wheels technical staff can assist in advising on the correct wheel specs for your vehicle or equipment.

NOTE: Wheels bearing the Quality and Safety marks T-DOT and JWL-T indicate they meet or exceed the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) standards for quality and Performance, for fitment to commercial vehicles in that market.

Make Sure It’s An Alcoa Wheel
Two Alcoa Ultra ONE Wheels next to each other facing straight and side on

Did you know that you can specify Alcoa Wheels when buying a truck or trailer?

Ask for Alcoa Wheels to be included in the quote. To spec your wheels, ring phone-icon 1800 955 191 to talk with our wheel experts, or fill out a contact form and we will reach out to you to answer your questions and discuss your specifications.