Product Recalls

Press Release: Alcoa recalls 16 x 6 Aluminum Forged Light Truck Wheels, Alcoa Dually Wheels, LTS and Classic Produced between June 1996 and June 1999 

CLEVELAND, OH — Alcoa Wheel and Forged Products is voluntarily recalling forged aluminum light truck wheels, size 16×6, LTS and Classic models manufactured between June 1996 and June 1999. Some of these wheels may develop fatigue cracks over a period of time. This could lead to gradual air loss from the tire and if not addressed by the consumer, the eventual separation of the wheel and tire. 

The recall includes aftermarket wheels only. Alcoa wheels sold through original manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors and Dodge are not affected. 

Recalled aftermarket wheels are typically used on full-ton series pick-ups in either a front wheel or dualled wheel axle applications. These wheels were designed to fit the full-ton vehicles of the following manufactures: Ford F-series, General Motors GMC, Chevrolet, Dodge Ram and Ford Econoline van. 

Customers who purchased a recalled wheel should contact their local dealer or the Alcoa Campaign Center at (800) 242-9898 option#1 for inspection and replacement procedure as well as for additional information. In all cases of affected wheels, to correct this condition, Alcoa will replace the subject wheels at no cost to the customer. 

Customers and dealers can determine whether their wheels are included by checking the part number and date of manufacture in the wheel roll stamp. Recalled part numbers are: 

Model: LTS
Part Numbers: 160251, 160252, 160261, 160262, 160271, 160272 

Model: Classic
Part Numbers: 160231, 160232, 160241, 160242, 160281, 160282, 160291, 160292, 160301, 160302 

For more information, call Alcoa Campaign Center, call (800) 242-9898 option#1 or write the Alcoa Wheel Service Center at P.O. Box 557, Mauro Avenue, Knox, PA 16232. If a customer believes we have failed or are unable to affect the remedy without charge as described in this notification, customer may submit a complaint to: Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh Street, SW, Washington DC 20590, or call the Auto Safety Hot Line at 888-327-4236 toll free.