22.5" x 12.25" - Hub Pilot - 285.75mm Bolt Circle
Specifications Measurement
Product Part Number 82362x
Wheel Size (in) 22.5" x 12.25"
Mounting System Hub Pilot
Bolt Holes 10
Bolt Circle 285.75mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 26mm
Hub Bore 220.1mm
Approx. Weight (kgs) 28 kgs
Outset (mm) 98.552 mm
Inset (mm) N/A mm
Max Load (kgs) 5579 kgs
Max Cold Infl. (psi) 130 psi
Valve Stem TR553E
Part Number Finish
823622BLK Dura-Black
823622 Mirror Polish Inside Only
823622DB Mirror Polish Inside Only with Dura-Bright
823627 LvL ONE
823628 LvL ONE
823622BLK Dura-Black
823621BLK Dura-Black
823621DB Mirror Polish Outside Only with Dura-Bright

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