22.5x9.00 - Hub Pilot - 335mm Bolt Circle
Specifications Measurement
Product Part Number 89551x|89552x
Wheel Size (in) 22.5x9.00
Mounting System Hub Pilot
Bolt Holes 10
Bolt Circle 335mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 26|26mm
Hub Bore 281.2mm
Approx. Weight (kgs) 25.3|25.3 kgs
Outset (mm) 175.9966 mm
Inset (mm) 152.9842 mm
Max Load (kgs) 4535 kgs
Max Cold Infl. (psi) 160 psi
Valve Stem TR554DS
Part Number Finish
895511 Mirror Polished
895513 Mirror Polished
895517 LvL ONE
895521 Mirror Polished
895523 Mirror Polished
895527 LvL ONE

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