Buying A New Trailer?

Make sure Alcoa® Wheels is on the quote.

Where to buy Alcoa® Wheels

All trailer OEMs have access to fit Alcoa wheels. Call us on 1800 955 191 to find your nearest trailer OEM — and while you’re at it, ask our wheel specialists to advise you on the best wheels to suit your new trailer.

Alcoa wheels were the first forged aluminium wheels in the world. Since 1948, they have been the leader in the commercial wheel space and are continually being innovated to increase payload, improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance. Alcoa Wheels is the brand of choice for top OEMs across the globe.

The new Ultra ONE® wheel weighs in at just 18kg, making it 12.8% lighter than any other wheel in its class. Made from patented MagnaForce® alloy, giving it 17% more strength than the industry standard 6061 alloy, the Ultra ONE® wheel’s durability and weight is unbeaten.

Find out more about our wheel range HERE, talk to a wheel expert at 1800 955 191, or leave your details via the CONTACT US button below and one of our wheel specialists will contact you the next business day.

White semi-trailer on Alcoa® Ultra ONE® Wheels face on at sunrise

How to Find The Right Alcoa® Wheels

Because Alcoa wheels last a long time, they can save a lot of money if you get the right ones from the get go when buying a new trailer.

Save time working it out for yourself and call 1800 955 191 to talk with one of our wheel specialists today. We’re here to help you choose the right Alcoa wheels for your equipment, and we’ll point you in the right direction to match you with a dealer who specialises in equipment for your specific business.

If you own a Kenworth or Mack truck, use our SpecFinderTM to find the right Alcoa wheels and part numbers when spec’ing wheels for your new trailer (or even for replacement wheels!). 

Select your Axle Type, Wheel Size and desired Finish. Print off your specs and take them into your nearest truck dealer or save them for later.

Alcoa® Wheel with sunrise glinting of the surface

Download our Product Spec Guide

You’ll find the specifications for all the Alcoa Wheels we distribute, including wheel size, studs, bolt hole diameter, load rating, inflation rates and more in the Technical Data pages in the middle of our Product Spec Guide. 

Call us on 1800 955 191 and talk to one of our wheel specialists if you have any questions.